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Dancing Faun

Latest work A Midnight's Paradise 

Oil and goldleaf on canvas. 

Dark Angel Golden shower

Oilpainting with goldleaf. Paletknife and brush, on a 3D canvas. Bit of a rough Angel, but hey...

Menelaos & Patroclus oil on canvas 120 x 90 cm. Patroclus is accidentally killed by wearing his beloved friend Achilles' armor during an attack on Troy. Menelaos whose wife Helena has been kidnapped to Troy saves him from the battlefield, dead. Achilles remains behind inconsolable.


Distant travels and exciting encounters. It used to be natural to discover the world and meet people. A global pandemic, international energy crisis and a changing mindset how we deal with the world and the climate are slowly changing our lives. Is it still okay to fly everywhere? But what does that do to our memories? Can we still remember what we went through, or who we met? Or is that gradually becoming a worn-out thought... a slowly fading memory...?
Paradiso shows beach life on Naxos as it once was for me....slowly fading a blur in a snapshot 

Oil on canvas, number three has recently been added and maybe more to come...anyway the background of these three continues like an endless horizon, when put next to each other


Oilpaint/ spraypaint/ collage/ mixed techniques on canvas topped with a thick layer of resin on 3D canvas and framed in a black wooden 3D frame. If size matters 60 x 80 cm, except for Daniël; 50 x 70 cm.



Dandys, impeccable and androgynous. As a basis, four old lists found inspired me to a series of portraits that radiate transience. Torn placards, hidden texts and faded beauty executed in oil on board and as a finishing touch a thick glossy epoxy layer.

A story of contradictions, of decay and renewal, of beauty and old age. Four frames, discarded and damaged. For years they were a showpiece in the interior of an authentic brown pub, they were demolished and left behind in a second-hand stuff shed. I came across them and couldn't leave them behind. As I was already collecting photos of walls full of pasted posters as inspiration for colors and backgrounds, I came up with the idea for a series about old and new, decay and beauty. The frames have been refurbished, but the age remains visible. Texts are visible but illegible, all painted on a background of randomly torn painted pamphlets. Like a phoenix from the flames, four beautiful men, impeccable Dandy's, emerge, seemingly unfazed by the ravages of time. Even the paisley motif on the back of the paintings is a reference to the times of old. To enhance the effect, the paintings are finished with a thick layer of  resin, so as to seal the decay of the background and the beauty of the nineteenth-century men against the ravages of time.
The image I have tried to create is to depict the ease with which nowadays it is easy to part with what is damaged or dilapidated, without thinking about what was once beautiful and had value. Restore that value and give it new allure, and honor its DECAY.

Dark Lights, a series in oil on canvas in which different shades of dark combined with a bright white show different men. Lust, mystery, passion, anger in a limited color palette

 Oilpaintings 2017/2018


 Men on Canvas, just average men,dressed or naked in oil on canvas.

oilpaintings from 2016 till now.


All I wanna do is, solid Oak frame with mixed media painting


Hommage to Mum and Dad, oil on canvas 120 x 180 cm.

Double sided prints on aluminium (2 boards, 4 prints, 1A+B and 2A+B)

Theme:  Let it go,   originaly for outdoor exhibition in Friesland Pingjum. Now for sale or for hire